About David W Bradford

At work
Work, work, work…

Once upon a time back in the 90’s I left a planned academic career path of psychology and became a professional photographer and multimedia artist. Photoshop and Illustrator rendered much of my chemical photography and traditional art skills obsolete, so my hobby of writing code became my profession and these days I’m a principal software developer.

I am now a studio, fashion and fine art photographer by night and weekend. I am also a spirituality and dark fiction writer. I’m a demisexual father of two, vegan straight edge, at heart a steampunk pirate with a romantic and swashbuckling spirit, still very much a tech nerd and an old school goth, dubbed The Gothfather by friends. I am also demisexual writer and take pride in who I am, trying to get more information out there for other demisexuals and the people that love them. I also paint, mostly with acrylic and mixed media, and am learning to play the violin. I live in the Los Angeles area.

This site serves to showcase my work and links to other online sources of my content. Enjoy!