One Stop For Demisexuality Articles

As much as I like and their article platform, I've decided to keep my demisexuality articles here. There is no metered paywall, and all articles will always remain free to read and share. If you'd like to filter to just these articles, feel free to bookmark this tag filter.


Demisexual, Demiromantic & Demisensual

The Three Dimensions of Connection-Based Attraction Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash I had broken off a complicated long distance relationship, and my need to be held was overwhelming me. I had gone months without much more than a brief hug from a friend. I reached out to a woman, a close friend, whom I’d briefly dated but… Continue reading Demisexual, Demiromantic & Demisensual


Friending for Demisexuals

The Unique and Powerful Nature of Demisexual Friendships Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” — Jim Henson Ceci was effectively my best friend, yet I knew I wasn’t hers. We’d met in a college photography class in the early 90’s, and we’d become friends after working on assignments… Continue reading Friending for Demisexuals